Digital Artist

Angie studied Scuplture & Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art. She creates digital sculptures, animation, AR & VR experiences. You can find her work sold as NFTs on several online platforms & galleries.

Trainer & Tutor

Angie provides bespoke, one-to-one training from her studio near Brighton. She delivers training a few days per month alongside her work as a full-time artist.

Angie works with students of all ages from school age to pensioner. Angie has taught at some of the best colleges and universities in Brighton, including; Brighton College, Sussex Downs College, Sussex University. She is currently a visiting lecturer at University of Brighton

VR & AR artist

Scattered mind is a VR art experience which explores the workings of the creative mind and the challanges of neurological conditions such as ADHD and Autism.

Angie is currently researching funding to complete this project. It is a living, evolving art piece, started during her residency at Fusebox in Brighton in 2019.


Angie creates sculptures that fuse futuristic, abstract with naive, primitive aesthetic.

Her scupltures are made from a combination of wood carving & construction, steel construction and bronze casting.


What People Say About Angie’s work

Chris Cunningham, Director of music videos, commercials & video art

“Of all the After Effects books I looked at whilst trying to learn it,
I found Angie’s was the most user friendly and creative.”

“My professional life as a Motion Graphics Artist can be divided neatly into two parts – before and after Angie Taylor.  Within one training session she had solved a number of issues that had troubled me for over a year, shone a clear light on some bad habits, and opened doors to countless techniques I hadn’t even considered.  Three years on my output is virtually unrecognizable from my early work;  I’d hate to see what I’d be producing had I not had the good fortune to be able to learn from Angie’s near-outrageous levels of technical and creative expertise.  In addition, her post-training support has helped me out of many a tight spot.

I think having a good ‘mentor’ is something that is under-appreciated in today’s age of impersonal video tutorials, useful though they are.  Interacting with someone who can not only answer your questions but inspire you, will allow anyone to improve faster than they may have thought possible. I believe a session, or simply a conversation with Angie Taylor will certainly be enough to convince you of this.”

Nico Jones

Lead Motion Graphics Artist, Hidden Door TV

“Today’s software is so creative and seductive that it is easy to think that’s all there is to creating engaging content. Angie Taylor’s book shows the other side of the story: the visual techniques and design principles that underpin digital moving image making. In this comprehensive guide she has assembled a wealth of tips and exercises in topics such as drawing, composition and typography that will be required reading for all up-and-coming motion media artists.”
Birgitta Hosea

Artist & Course Director of MA Character Animation, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

Ernesto Rogata, Senior Video Editor, BSkyB

When I became an Adobe trainer myself I realized even more thoroughly how excellent a teacher Angie is. She is always perfectly prepared and happy to answer any questions, provide training material, exercises and useful links; perhaps even more importantly a day of training with Angie does not end then: she is always willing to follow-up and to keep in touch; to help further with detailed emails, by sending files, checking projects and solving specific technical issues.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to meet and work with Angie, who is a lovely person as well as a brilliant professional in her field.”

Divi Corner

“…a worthwhile investment for animators and artists who want to
focus on creating their designs and not get bogged down in
technical jargon… Angie has a knack for demystifying the intricacies
of After Effects and coming up with creative uses of the features.”

Steve Kilisky, Senior Product Manager, After Effects, Adobe Systems Inc.

“This book takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the world of creating animation and special effects with Adobe After Effects. It is much more than just a software manual, Angie Taylor seeks to stimulate the creative use of computer animation. Complex technical issues are clearly and concisely explained, making it suitable for beginners as well as the more advanced users”.
Dr. Birgitta Hosea

Course Director, Royal College of Art

“Angie is an outstanding guru of After Effects…her seminars
brings gasps of awe from seasoned and beginner audiences
alike… you will enjoy this book immensely.”
John Keedwell GBCT GTC

British Cinematographer

“Angie Taylor’s work is inspired. She is a highly creative animator – inventive, witty and naturally sympathetic to individual programme styles”.

Carys Edwards

Director, Children’s BBC

“Angie Taylor is the best After Effects teacher I know. She goes beyond technical descriptions of features, and shows you how to best use them in real world projects.”
Bruce Bullis

Senior API Engineer | Adobe Dynamic Media, Adobe Systems Inc