About Angie

Angie Taylor is a traditionally-trained sculptor who has worked as a digital artist since the 1980’s. Her current creative process begins in VR where she models 3D characters and scenes. These are hand-painted and textured on iPad before being rendered in desktop 3D software.

Her work explores themes of identity, isolation & otherness – often championing life’s misfits and highlighting the struggles faced by them. Her highly-distinctive style is hard to pin down but has been described by some as Punk-Expressionism – a unique mix of punk art, naive art, pop art & expressionistic aesthetics and themes.

Her work juxtaposes the DIY ethic of punk, fresh immediacy of naïve art & complexity of VR & 3D technology.


After graduating from art school in the 1980’s, Angie became a motion graphic designer. She was a demo artist for Adobe in the 1990’s, writing books and giving seminars on motion graphics and animation.

Angie has had a long and varied career. With stints as a deejay, prop-maker, motion graphic designer and software demo artist she has a huge amount of experience in digital media. She was a pioneer of the digital motion graphics revolution in the late eighties and early nineties. You can see some excerpts from of her work here.

You can see Angie talk about her work here in this candid interview with John Dickinson from Motionworks.

Motionworks | Unplugged with Angie Taylor from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Angie is now a full-time artist and supports this by writing books and making video training regarding digital art, design and animation.



Examples of Angie’s work

Examples of Angie’s design and animation work include;

Hibernation – John Williams

Visual Effects on the multi-award-winning short film Hibernation, directed by John Williams, who was the recipient of two awards for excellence in advertising at Cannes. See Hibernation from John Williams on Vimeo.

Beck – Guero

She has also designed animations with UK-based design house, D-Fuse for a ground breaking DVD album for the US musician, Beck. Angie collaborated with D-Fuse on a series of animations for a game, and for the ground – breaking DVD album, “Guero”.

Chris Cunningham/ Aphex Twin

Angie worked with Chris Cunningham and Warp Records on “Rubber Johnny” a collaboration with Aphex Twin. She worked as animation assistant, creating morphing animations with Revision Reflex.




Angie teaches drawing, 3D modelling, animation and digital media arts. She also lectures at Brighton Art College.

Previous clients Angie has trained include Skype, Bloomberg
BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Carlton, B Sky B & MTV.

Angie also worked for companies such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft as a demo artist and product specialist, regularly touring international conferences like NAB, IBC, Flash on the Beach and Macworld.

The author of several books; Creative After Effects (version 5 and 7) and “Design Essentials for the motion media artist.

You can see more examples of Angie’s work here on Vimeo.

To find out about booking Angie to speak at your event please contact her directly via the Contact page.