Scattered mind is the name of my latest project. It’s a VR art experience which explores the workings of the creative mind. I’m currently looking for funding to finish this project that was started as part of my artists residency at Fusebox in Brighton.

I’m particularly interested in how nature can offer a refuge to creative people, in particular those with neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD & Autism as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

You enter into a spooky woodland, birds singing and mist falling. The trees are part human. Metamorphosis is also something of interest to me – the connection between us and the natural world. How plants and animals communicate with us – if only we could learn to listen. Scattered Mind encourages us to do so.

You head towards a giant tree, full of gargoyles and sculptures. Along the way you can throw seed bombs that will allow more flowers to grow in the woodland. Enter the tree and look up to see a staircase that takes you up inside the tree.

Within each of the branches is a new world to explore. These include the Classroom of Misfits. A classroom that teaches you lessons about acceptance, bullying and exclusion.

In here you can read a book about the witches who were persecuted and killed in Scotland during the witch hunts. Just for being different. You can throw chairs and paper balls at the teacher or just sit and listen to the wisdom on offer.

There are many other worlds to visit, icluding the Museum of Unfinished Projects, The Opium Den of Distraction – complete with is own Come Down Slide and many others.