Book training at Creative Cabin

Book training at Creative Cabin

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_tabs][vc_tab title=”Book Now” tab_id=”1447007258-1-54″][vc_column_text]Angie TaylorAuthor and designer, Angie Taylor delivers custom, one-to-one Adobe software training courses at Creative Cabin near Brighton and London. Please use the Contact page to contact Angie for more details about course content and availability. To see examples of Angie’s training you can watch free video tutorials here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”About the cabin” tab_id=”1447007258-2-2″][vc_column_text]Creative Cabin - Residential Software TrainingCreative Cabin is a completely self-contained studio apartment with amazing sea views.

It’s the perfect escape for artists, authors, designers or musicians wishing to retreat from their daily routines and responsibilities.

Getting away to an inspirational space like this can enliven creative development and focus attention.

Angie offers very reasonable prices for customised, one-to-one training courses, tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

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Character Animation Courses

Learn how to bring your artwork to life with Angie Taylor’s character animation courses at Creative Cabin.

  • Discover methods for setting up artwork for animating in Adobe’s new Character Animator software.
  • Learn the principles of animation and how to apply them to your characters.
  • Learn useful scripts and add ons for Adobe After Effects, including DUIK, Puppet Toolsand Head Rig.
  • Find out how to compose a scene and a storyboard and get hundreds of tips and tricks for making compelling and enjoyable character animations.
  • Enjoy focussed attention from our trainer on our unique, one-to-one character animation courses.

Book now to hold your place at the special introductory price of £249.95 per day.

More about character animation courses at Creative Cabin

At the Creative Cabin guests can enjoy custom, one-to-one, Adobe software training from a professional industry expert.

In this indyllic location near Brighton – Angie Taylor creates her own motion graphic designs and animations from her studio in the Creative Cabin.

Creative Cabin

In between freelance jobs she offers this lovely self-contained studio/ apartment to other designers, editors and artists who need a quiet, inspiring place to work, learn and relax.

Benefits of one-to-one character animation courses

Angie Taylor’s courses are one-to-one and totally unique. There’s only you and Angie in the Cabin so you get her complete attention for the entire course – unlike corporate training courses where you often have to share the training with several other delegates.


You can have employees trained individually for less than the cost of a group training course at a dedicated training centre – making sure they learn exactly what the techniques they need. It’s more cost-effective than you may expect.

No need for all of your designers or editors to be out of the office on the same day, leaving you short-staffed. Send them to the Cabin one-at-a-time for the individual training they need.

Go at your own speed

With a one-to-one training course at the Creative Cabin you can explore the software at your own speed while Angie guides you and suggests best practices with the software.

Work on meaningful projects and files

Angie provides well-designed, structured training exercises for you to follow that will get you up to speed in no time. If you prefer you can bring along your own projects so you and Angie can work on those together.

Solve problems and come up with solutions

Problem-solving and coming up with new ideas is Angie’s speciality – she loves to suggest ways to improve and refine your workflow to get the very best from your software.

Be trained by a working designer and author

Angie only offers training for a few days every month. When the Cabin is not being used for training Angie creates motion graphic and animation projects from the Cabin for her own clients who she works for on a freelance basis.

Over the past 20 years Angie has trained hundreds of motion graphic designers, video editors and artists on software applications such as; Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D.

Angie is a published author with five books published on the subjects of Adobe After Effects and motion graphic design. She is also an author of training courses at

Make your training a vacation

The Creative Cabin is situated in an idyllic spot near Brighton in the UK with panoramic views across the English Channel.

All training packages include accommodation in the private, comfortable self-contained studio apartment – this is yours for the duration of your stay. Kick back and relax when you’re not training, enjoy some home-cooked food while watching movies on the HDTV or playing Playstation games. The more adventurous guests may want to take a trip into the centre of Brighton to unwind in style.


Designers and Artists can rent the Cabin for as little as £99.95 per night. It is a completely self-contained studio apartment with sleeping area, shower room, kitchen and work area. Find out more about the facilities here.

Training packages

At the Cabin Angie offers customised, one-to-one training courses, tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Previous clients include designers from BSkyB, ITV and Barton Willmore.  Find out more about these affordable courses near Brighton and to view course outlines, please visit the Training page.

Booking the Cabin

Please use the Contact page to contact Angie for more details about course content and availability. If you’re interested in booking the cabin accommodation,  training or a package that includes both, please book here.

Up and Running with Illustrator CS6

Up and Running with Illustrator CS6

Up and Running with Illustrator CS6

In CS6 Adobe Illustrator is more powerful than ever before, and in this course Angie Taylor shows just how easy it can be to use. Get a tour of the interface, gain an understanding of the workflow, and be introduced to core techniques like working with artboards, understanding layers and objects, and making and moving selections. Angie also shows how to create images from shapes, apply color, reshape paths, and save and export artwork for the web, print, or animation.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a new document
  • Navigating within the workspace
  • Understanding layers and objects
  • Creating images from shapes
  • Applying color
  • Using the Appearance panel
  • Creating shapes with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools
  • Working with the Pen and Pencil tools
  • Tweaking, exporting, and saving artwork
Kinetic Typography Techniques with After Effects

Kinetic Typography Techniques with After Effects

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is an art form that combines text and motion to express ideas in the form of animation designed to accompany spoken word or music. Join author, and motion graphic designer Angie Taylor as she shares her considerable knowledge of this form.

Work along with her in this unique course as she builds a complete kinetic typography project from start to finish. Along the way, discover how to create and animate text layers directly within Adobe After Effects using animators and 3D features, set up Photoshop files for animating in After Effects, and use a variety of effects and techniques to create numerous text animation styles within a single project. The course also offers lots of tips and tricks for animating 3D cameras and lights and using expressions and scripts to simplify the processes involved.

Topics include:

  • Working with audio
  • Preparing source files
  • Structuring your After Effects project
  • Working with shapes and effects
  • Optimizing performance
  • Animating text
  • Creating 3D animation
  • Using expressions to create motion
  • Rendering your final movie
Custom 1-2-1 Training in Brighton

Custom 1-2-1 Training in Brighton

Become an expert in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator or Maxon’s Cinema 4D with Angie Taylor’s custom 1-2-1 Training Brighton or London.

Creative Cabin - Residential Software TrainingAngie provides training in her own studio, The Creative Cabin which sits in in a beautiful location, over-looking the sea, near Brighton. If you prefer Angie can come to you and provide customised software training at your own desk.

Learn how to create visually stunning animation, motion graphics and visual effects using professional post-production techniques.

Find Out More or Book a course here!

Training from an experienced industry expert

Angie Taylor’s After Effects Training courses are like no other – not just simply software training – you’ll receive creative, real-world, professional training by an industry professional with over twenty years experience in the broadcast industry.

Angie has trained designers at the top companies in the UK, including; BBC, Sky, Channel 5, ITV, Microsoft and MTV. Individuals or groups can have bespoke training or consultancy provided at their own place of work -working on real-world projects. Alternatively pre-designed training courses  can be delivered at a training centre in Brighton or London.

Angie works regularly as an industry expert and consultant for software companies including Adobe, Apple, Maxon & Wacom. She regularly speaks at seminars, conferences and trade shows. She is also a trainer for and and has five books published on Motion Graphic Design, After Effects and Illustrator.


Nico Jones, Lead Motion Graphics Artist, Big Button

“My professional life as a Motion Graphics Artist can be divided neatly into two parts – before and after Angie Taylor.  Within one training session she had solved a number of issues that had troubled me for over a year, shone a clear light on some bad habits, and opened doors to countless techniques I hadn’t even considered.  Three years on my output is virtually unrecognizable from my early work;  I’d hate to see what I’d be producing had I not had the good fortune to be able to learn from Angie’s near-outrageous levels of technical and creative expertise.  In addition, her post-training support has helped me out of many a tight spot.

I think having a good ‘mentor’ is something that is under-appreciated in today’s age of impersonal video tutorials, useful though they are.  Interacting with someone who can not only answer your questions but inspire you, will allow anyone to improve faster than they may have thought possible. I believe a session, or simply a conversation with Angie Taylor will certainly be enough to convince you of this.”

Ernesto Rogata, Senior Video Editor, BSkyB

When I became an Adobe trainer myself I realized even more thoroughly how excellent a teacher Angie is. She is always perfectly prepared and happy to answer any questions, provide training material, exercises and useful links; perhaps even more importantly a day of training with Angie does not end then: she is always willing to follow-up and to keep in touch; to help further with detailed emails, by sending files, checking projects and solving specific technical issues.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to meet and work with Angie, who is a lovely person as well as a brilliant professional in her field.”

Chris Cunningham, Director of music videos, commercials & video art

“Of all the After Effects books I looked at whilst trying to learn it,
I found Angie’s was the most user friendly and creative.”

Please contact Angie Directly using her contact page to find out more.

Getting Started with Illustrator CS6

Getting Started with Illustrator CS6

Getting Started with Illustrator CS6

Getting Started with Illustrator CS6

Step-by-Step Basics to Get You on Your Way

In CS6 Adobe Illustrator is more powerful than ever before, and in this course Angie Taylor shows you just how easy it can be to use. You’ll get a tour of the interface, gain an understanding of the workflow, and be introduced to core techniques like working with artboards, understanding layers and objects, and making and moving selections. You’ll also learn how to create images from shapes, apply color, reshape paths, and save and export artwork for the web, print, or animation.
Check out some free movies from this workshop here. Click on the unlocked links to watch a movie.

Free Movies
Illustrator CS6 – Learn by Video

Illustrator CS6 – Learn by Video

I’m very pleased to announce that my new workshop – Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Learn by Video – is now available to buy directly from the web store on my videos page. I’m also featuring some free example movies from this workshop right here so you can try before you buy.

Newsletter subscribers can also benefit from a 20% discount code off the price of the entire workshop so if you haven’t already subscribed you can do so now to take advantage of this and other special offers only available to my subscribers.

This Learn by Video course offers in-depth training on the interface, workflow, and features of Adobe Illustrator CS6. Amongst other things you’ll learn my own techniques for drawing characters including my “Illustrator” superhero. Here’s the intro movie where I tell you more about the course.

The contents of this course include:

Introducing Illustrator CS6
In this chapter you’ll be introduced to Adobe Illustrator — what it is and what it does — and get an overview of what will be covered in this course. You’ll also be taken on a tour of the new features in Illustrator CS6.

Illustrator Fundamentals
This chapter explores two concepts that are crucial to an understanding of how Illustrator works: the difference between bitmap (or raster) images and vector images, and the concept of paths.

Exploring the Illustrator Interface
In this chapter you’ll learn how to work with important elements of the Illustrator interface like panels, the Application bar and frame, artboards, and workspaces.

Navigating and Using Views in Illustrator
Being able to easily move around your documents and see them in different ways can be a big help in your work. This chapter will explain how to navigate in Illustrator CS6 and use the different viewing and screen modes.

Working with Documents
This chapter shows you how to efficiently create, modify, and view documents. You’ll learn how to use templates, guides, grids, Adobe Bridge, and more.

Creating and Working with Shapes
Shapes are a very important part of Illustrator, and in this chapter you’ll learn about the various tools available for creating and modifying shapes.

You can transform objects in a variety of different ways in Illustrator CS6. This chapter shows you the various methods that can be used to transform and modify objects, including how to use the Transform panel.

Understanding Objects and Layers
This chapter shows you how to select and modify objects in Illustrator CS6 and explores the multitude of options you can use to create artwork. We’ll look at saving selections, grouping items, layers and stacking order, and Isolation mode.

Drawing is at the heart of the work you’ll do in Illustrator. In this chapter you’ll learn all about the tools, techniques, and features related to drawing in Illustrator CS6.

Using Symbols
Symbols are a handy feature in Illustrator, and in this chapter you’ll learn how to create them, move and rotate them, adjust their size and color, and apply graphic styles.

Color makes a big difference to the appearance of your artwork. In this chapter you’ll learn how to work with color-related features in Illustrator like the Colors panel, swatches, gradients, Live Paint, and more.

In this chapter you’ll learn how to add text to your documents, format that text, create styles, and more.

Working with Images
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to place graphics and see all the tools Illustrator offers once they are there to help you get great results in your designs.

Working with Effects
With effects, you can apply a look to a path that doesn’t alter the path at all. It will print like what you see on your monitor, but in reality, it’s all just an illusion…a very powerful, editable, printable illusion that can be saved as a PDF, placed in Photoshop and InDesign, and more. You’ll learn all about this incredible technology in this chapter.

If you have information you want to convey as a graph or chart, Illustrator has the tool. The chart and graph tools in Illustrator aren’t new, but they are very powerful and allow you to present data in a more interesting way, as you’ll see in this chapter.

Beyond Illustrator
Eventually there will come a time when you want to save your Illustrator work as a PDF or in one of the common web file formats, or output it for use in an animation. The videos in this chapter will show you how.

Project Explorations
In this chapter you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned in this course to some projects that give you an idea of just what Illustrator is capable of.

Closing Thoughts
In this chapter you’ll get a brief recap of what’s been covered in the course and a few final thoughts from the author.

The lessons are wrapped in a feature-rich interface that lets you jump to any topic and bookmark individual sections for later review. Full-Screen mode provides a hi-def, immersive experience, and Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window so you can play the videos alongside your application. Also included are exercise files that give you an easy way to try out the techniques you learn and a 48-page guide containing supplemental material.

Click here to subscribe to my Newsletter and enefit from a 20% discount code off the price of the entire workshop.

Animated Character Design in Adobe Illustrator

Animated Character Design in Adobe Illustrator

This workshop from author and animator Angie Taylor will teach you how to use Illustrator’s tools and features to prepare 2D files for animation in Adobe After Effects. You’ll learn how to make the most of Illustrator’s drawing tools and Autotrace feature, and to how use Live Paint and Kuler to recolor artwork. You’ll also get tons of tips and tricks for giving artwork a hand-drawn look and find out how to set up layers, aspect ratios, and transparency options for importing into After Effects. The lessons are focused and solution-oriented, and all the project files are included. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up your workspace for video and animation
  • Working with Autotrace, Live Paint, and Kuler
  • Using multiple artboards for creating storyboards
  • Taking advantage of views and workspaces

Drawing freehand in Illustrator using a variety of tools including the new improved Eraser tool and the Blob Brush tool

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‘Sculpting’ paths in Adobe Illustrator

‘Sculpting’ paths in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s another free tutorial from my first venture into making video tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. My tutorials are probably what you’d call non-standard! I’m not going to teach you how to ‘the cool look’ that we’ve all seen a million times before, that doesn’t really interest me, and there are plenty of other websites that will whow you those techniques.

What I hope to do with my tutorials is to teach you new and interesting ways of using the tools creatively. How to ‘think’ with the software. It’s then up to you to add your own style to what you’ve learned to conjure up something unique.

This tutorial focusses on Adobe Illustrator’s amazing reshape tools that can help you create more organic-looking drawings in Illustrator. These include Warp, Pucker & Bloat, and Wrinkle. In this movie you’ll use the Bloat tool to add muscle to your character, create hair with the Wrinkle tool, and use the Warp tool to transform primitive shapes into more realistic and organic body parts. Enjoy!