Dancing With Myself

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There’s a constant battle in the life of an artist. My current battle is with the decision about which style to follow. I create abstract exxpressionist sculptures with naive-art influences. I also love to create cartoon-style punk characters. As artists, we need to rest, to imbibe new influences and experiences. But the drive to create is so irresistable that it often causes us to work too hard. Often exhausting ourselves and resulting in us ending up depressed and anxious.

This piece is about these battles as I dance with myself on a daily basis. The two characters represent the two opposing styles, which one will win the dance-off?

I made all the music for this piece – attempting to get a garage-punk vibe and sound. I played my drums, recorded them and then added the quitar, bass etc. I wanted to create a punk-rock, angsty feeling for this piece.


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June 17, 2021