My Vibrant Vignette Presets for Sapphire were released this week. This collection features a weird and wonderful collection of vignettes in an attempt to prove that vignettes don’t always need to be black and circular.

These vignettes which will give your footage extra atmosphere, extra mood, extra pop. Use them as they are or adapt them to fit your own designs.

These are free too all FX Central users. If you own Sapphire for any of the following hosts you can open the preset browser, login to FX Central and get working with them right away, on your own footage.

If you don’t own Sapphire you can find out more information and download a free trial here.

As Sun Goes Down clip
Azure Father clip
Black is Black clip
Blue Rondo clip
Bonded Circle clip
Burning Man clip
Cool Bright Spot clip
Dark Entries clip
Diagonal Accent clip
Golden Moment clip
Green Green Grass of Home clip
Heart of Gold clip
Purple Haze clip
Red Sky at Night clip
Sublime Concentration clip
Blackout Curtains clip
Blood Red Sky clip
Cinemapeture clip
Focus Spot clip
Inverted Subtraction clip
Loch Ness Mystery clip
Teal Accent clip
Tequila Sunrise clip
Dungeness Darkness clip
Cool Accent clip
Wild West Hero clip
Rose-tinted Spectacle clip
Warming Centre clip
Wedding Ring clip
White Heat clip
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