The selkie is a mythological changeling from Scottish and Nordic folklore. Selkies are those with condemned souls. They are Fallen angels who spend their lives shape-shifting between humans and seals. Stories about selkies involve questions about love, life & death. Legends often feature tales of struggles between good & evil. These stories inspire us to protect the natural world. In this ambiguous sculpture, we are unsure whether the selkie is saving the man from drowning, making love to him, or dragging him to his death. The selkie’s calm, upright appearance represents stoic perseverance, determined strength & natural beauty. The man’s expression could be either passionate ecstasy or painful hopelessness. This interactive 3D sculpture can be downloaded and used in the metaverse or displayed in 3D galleries. It can also be viewed using AR mode – to place it inside your own environment. Inspired by the art of Edward Fuglø:


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December 6, 2022