Week four of 2011 brings my fourth FREE Giveaway Tutorial.

This tutorial comes from my Adobe After Effects CS5 Learn by Video DVD from video2brain.

The paint tools in After Effects are usually used for cloning or filling in mattes, but they can also be used to create stop-motion-style animation. In this movie you’ll see how they can be used to create a stop-motion style without the need for painful frame-by-frame tweaking of keyframes or drawings.

In this Jumpstart tutorial I’ll show you how to create a little animated stickman, creating a looping walk cycle. I hope you can use the tips and tricks from this tutorial to create your own unique twist on my idea. If you do please come back here and post a link to your creation, I’d love to see it!

There are a few Jumpstart tutorials included with the Learn by Video DVD. These  are designed to give you a quick overview of a particular technique.  The DVD also contains many more detailed tutorials, designed to take you through techniques and tech you After Effects using a more detailed step-by-step approach. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Happy Keyframing!

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