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Angie Taylor is a motion graphic designer and VR artist with thirty years experience.

She has an impressive design portfolio with wide range of clients including: BBC, Sky, ITV, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Boris FX.

Angie specialises in motion graphic design and VR art. She produces illustration, video, animation and graphic design projects.

Angie talks about her career

You can see Angie talk about her work here in this candid interview with John Dickinson from Motionworks.

Motionworks | Unplugged with Angie Taylor from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Examples of Angie’s work

Examples of Angie’s design and animation work include visual Effects on the multi-award-winning short film “Hibernation“, directed by John Williams, who was the recipient of two awards for excellence in advertising at Cannes.

Hibernation – John Williams

Hibernation from John Williams on Vimeo.

Beck – Guero

She has also designed animations with UK-based design house, D-Fuse for a ground breaking DVD album for the US musician, Beck. Angie collaborated with D-Fuse on a series of animations for a game, and for the ground – breaking DVD album, “Guero”.

Aphex Twin – Chris Cunningham – Rubber Johnny

Angie worked with Chris Cunningham and Warp Records on “Rubber Johnny” a collaboration with Aphex Twin. She worked as animation assistant, creating morphing animations in Adobe After Effects with the Revision Reflex plug-in.

Online Creative/ Sony

Here’s a recent piece of motion graphic design, created for Brighton based comapny, Online Creative. Sony Edit from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Online Creative Sony Edit from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Triple Tread

Triple Tread from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Velocity 2 Trailer – Futurlab/ Sony Playstation

Velocity 2 Story Teaser from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

You can see more examples of Angie’s work here on Vimeo.


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