Promotional Videos

Video can really add life to your website, giving your user more information about products and services without the need to scroll or scroll through multiple pages.

Angie also specialises in making online demo’s and instructional videos like this one. See how this product showreel really add value to the Boris FX website.

Boris BCC9 – sizzle reel commissioned for NAB 2014 by Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Motion Graphic Design

Angie believes in making good, affordable design available to everyone. She is an independent freelancer, working from her own home-based studio. She worked in the design industry as a freelancer for many years before setting up her own place at Creative Cabin.

Club Robot – Beeple Tribute from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

Angie has no rent to pay on expensive studio-space and no employees to sustain. This means she can keep costs down to a minimum while still giving you the same quality, look and feel that you can get from a larger design agency. She has worked with many of the top design agencies in the UK but now prefer to work alone as she feels she can give customers a better service and can maintain personal connection with the entire project.

Engaging animation

In this example see how Angie made a story come to life with simple, affordable animation.

Triple Tread from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

This animation illustrates how challenging life with Multiple Sclerosis can be but how the new, innovative Triple Tread bike can give pleasure, exercise and joy back to sufferers.

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

In today’s world a well-designed, responsive website is crucial for any successful business.  Angie’s websites are guaranteed look as good on a smart phone or tablet as on a computer.

Angie has over twenty-five years experience in the digital media industry so has accumulated an impressive portfolio with clients ranging from BBC and ITV to small, local companies like EH Treecare in Peacehaven and Startup businesses like Triple Tread.

Angie works with local companies to improve their web presence. After an initial meeting she will work out a plan for your website based on budget, content and time constraints. She also works remotely with international companies using Skype, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect and other online services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the buzzword of the day! Angie Taylor can also provide your company or small business with bespoke web design and SEO services (search engine optimisation services).

New customers should be able to find you easily so it’s important that your website is on the first page of Google and other search engines. Angie will work with you to help make this happen.


Local Support

Local Support

Angie is located between Peacehaven and Newhaven, near Brighton. If you’re in this area so you can always welcome to pop by to see how your design is developing. Angie also works with national and international clients remotely, this is just as easy – communicating the whole design process via Skype, phone and email.

How does the process work?

Angie will have a free, no-obligation meeting with you to discuss your specific requirements. She’ll then present you with a proposal and budget for the work agreed. All of the work carried out will be by Angie so you only have one person to deal with.

If you’d like to chat to Angie or arrange a meeting, please use the Contact page.

Software Training

Software Training

Angie provides expert, one-to-one software training from her home based studio near Brighton. She can also provide training at your own place of work. Once Angie has finished building your website she can train you with the skills needed to keep your own website up-to-date.

Software applications and subjects covered included; WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Maxon Cinema 4D, Drawing & Sketching, Storyboarding & Animatics, Writing.

You can find out more about courses and contact Angie to make a booking here.


WordPress Training

WordPress Training

Angie specialises in building websites in WordPress, one of the most reliable content management systems. The great thing about having a site powered by WordPress is that it’s easy for you or your staff to keep the content on your website up-to-date yourself. Simply login, create a new post and you’re done, no need to keep paying maintenance costs to keep your website up-to-date.

Angie can also provide WordPress training for staff responsible for updating content.