Cineware Proxy Special Offer

cinewareproxy-splash-screen_1Cineware Proxy Special Offer

A brand new tool for After Effects CC was released today. CINEWARE proxy automates the process of making useful proxy files from your Cineware layers to help speed up your workflow immensely.

How can it help me

Cineware is a great addition to After Effects CC but it doesn’t really take advantage of the great built-in proxy system that After Effects offers. Cineware proxy fixes all that by making a placeholder proxy of your 3D layers.

If you need to make changes or update your Cineware layer it’s a case of flicking a simple switch to go back to the live C4D file.

 What’s on offer?

I’m pleased to say I can offer my readers a healthy discount on this fantastic script today and tomorrow only ($59.99 instead of $79.99 regular price).

Add the brilliant Background Renderer to the bundle and save even more money. This essential script allows you to render faster in the background while you continue working on your After Effects projects. Used in conjunction with Cineware Proxy you’ll own a lean, mean rendering machine! Use the coupon code bgcine to save an additional 20% on BG Renderer Pro when you checkout.

CINEWARE proxy in 1 minute from Mathias Möhl on Vimeo.

See it used here

I used this amazing new script in conjunction with Background Render Pro to create this movie. “Club Robot” is my tribute to Beeple, as a thank you for all the great work he does. It was modelled and animated in Cinema 4D Lite. Compositing and Visual Effects were done with After Effects CC and Cineware.

Club Robot – Beeple Tribute from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

This movie forms the basis of many of the tutorials from my forthcoming “Up and Running with Cinema 4D Lite” video training course which will be available soon at It’s an entire two-day course in Cinema 4D Lite, aimed at After Effects users who may not be familiar with 3D software. It teaches modelling, animation, texturing, lighting, cameras and all other aspects of working with Cinema 4D Lite.


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