Character Animation Courses

Learn how to bring your artwork to life with Angie Taylor’s character animation courses at Creative Cabin.

  • Discover methods for setting up artwork for animating in Adobe’s new Character Animator software.
  • Learn the principles of animation and how to apply them to your characters.
  • Learn useful scripts and add ons for Adobe After Effects, including DUIK, Puppet Toolsand Head Rig.
  • Find out how to compose a scene and a storyboard and get hundreds of tips and tricks for making compelling and enjoyable character animations.
  • Enjoy focussed attention from our trainer on our unique, one-to-one character animation courses.

Book now to hold your place at the special introductory price of £249.95 per day.

More about character animation courses at Creative Cabin

At the Creative Cabin guests can enjoy custom, one-to-one, Adobe software training from a professional industry expert.

In this indyllic location near Brighton – Angie Taylor creates her own motion graphic designs and animations from her studio in the Creative Cabin.

Creative Cabin

In between freelance jobs she offers this lovely self-contained studio/ apartment to other designers, editors and artists who need a quiet, inspiring place to work, learn and relax.

Benefits of one-to-one character animation courses

Angie Taylor’s courses are one-to-one and totally unique. There’s only you and Angie in the Cabin so you get her complete attention for the entire course – unlike corporate training courses where you often have to share the training with several other delegates.


You can have employees trained individually for less than the cost of a group training course at a dedicated training centre – making sure they learn exactly what the techniques they need. It’s more cost-effective than you may expect.

No need for all of your designers or editors to be out of the office on the same day, leaving you short-staffed. Send them to the Cabin one-at-a-time for the individual training they need.

Go at your own speed

With a one-to-one training course at the Creative Cabin you can explore the software at your own speed while Angie guides you and suggests best practices with the software.

Work on meaningful projects and files

Angie provides well-designed, structured training exercises for you to follow that will get you up to speed in no time. If you prefer you can bring along your own projects so you and Angie can work on those together.

Solve problems and come up with solutions

Problem-solving and coming up with new ideas is Angie’s speciality – she loves to suggest ways to improve and refine your workflow to get the very best from your software.

Be trained by a working designer and author

Angie only offers training for a few days every month. When the Cabin is not being used for training Angie creates motion graphic and animation projects from the Cabin for her own clients who she works for on a freelance basis.

Over the past 20 years Angie has trained hundreds of motion graphic designers, video editors and artists on software applications such as; Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D.

Angie is a published author with five books published on the subjects of Adobe After Effects and motion graphic design. She is also an author of training courses at

Make your training a vacation

The Creative Cabin is situated in an idyllic spot near Brighton in the UK with panoramic views across the English Channel.

All training packages include accommodation in the private, comfortable self-contained studio apartment – this is yours for the duration of your stay. Kick back and relax when you’re not training, enjoy some home-cooked food while watching movies on the HDTV or playing Playstation games. The more adventurous guests may want to take a trip into the centre of Brighton to unwind in style.


Designers and Artists can rent the Cabin for as little as £99.95 per night. It is a completely self-contained studio apartment with sleeping area, shower room, kitchen and work area. Find out more about the facilities here.

Training packages

At the Cabin Angie offers customised, one-to-one training courses, tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Previous clients include designers from BSkyB, ITV and Barton Willmore.  Find out more about these affordable courses near Brighton and to view course outlines, please visit the Training page.

Booking the Cabin

Please use the Contact page to contact Angie for more details about course content and availability. If you’re interested in booking the cabin accommodation,  training or a package that includes both, please book here.

Life as a Motion Graphic Designer

Life as a Motion Graphic Designer

In my life as a motion graphic designer I’ve learned a few important lessons. In this interview with John Dickinson from Motionworks, I share my experiences in my career as an artist, author and motion graphic designer.

I really enjoyed this interview. John is excellent at getting the best from his interviewees. I just felt like we were having a chat. I hope that my ramblings help to inspire anyone thinking of following a career in motion graphic design.


Textonomy Presets for Sapphire Edge

Textonomy Presets for Sapphire Edge

My brand new Textonomy Presets for Sapphire Edge are now available from the Genarts FX Central Website.

OK, sometimes you need text, but no-one says it has to be boring. These ten effect presets, designed for text will have your viewers sitting up and taking notice.

Camoflash A Camouflage-style of pattern is applied to text to give it texture. The Jitter Frames value adjusts the sped of the flashing animation of the texture.

Disintegrator Added to text this will have the effect of giving it a slight disintegrated quality. Great for adding a bit of damage to your motion graphics.

Damage Limitation Scratches, stains, dust and shake are added to text to give it a more organic appearance. Perfect for those “”Seven”” inspired film titles.

Steeley Glare Adds a textured steel effect to layers. Specifically designed for use on text to add an interesting textured fill.

Searchlight This grainy effect plunges your text into semi-darkness and highlights it by adding a searchlight to it. Vignette Centre property is keyframed in the preview movie to make the light move over the text.

Textatic A groovy, tiling pattern that looks great applied to geometric text. In the preview movie animation is added by keyframing the Inside Rotation property.

Trippy Hippy Tiled instances of your text move together in a fluid way to create a groovy movement reminiscent of 60’s dancing. In the preview movie the Zoom property has been keyframes to create additional movement.

Mittageisen Designed to add a metallic look to outlined text.

Interference Animated scan lines and a dodgy reception effect make your text look slightly damaged. Less than perfect and much more interesting as a result.

Metal Postcard A great preset for adding a metallic sheen to your text layers. Who’d have thought you could use a half-tone effect for that!

Motion Graphics Webinar

Motion Graphics Webinar

Free Adobe CS6 WebinarCreative Motion Graphics Webinar with Adobe Production Premium CS6
Friday 31st August 2012, 11.00 BST – Presented by: Angie Taylor

Join Angie for an engaging Motion Graphics Webinar packed full of the best tips and tricks for Production Premium CS6. Production Premium CS6 offers a sleek, fresh editing environment in Adobe Premiere Pro; 3D tracking and extruded text and shapes in Adobe After Effects; new Content-Aware tools in Adobe Photoshop Extended; and faster editing in Adobe Audition. Learn all about the new features of CS6 as well as new additions, Adobe Prelude for logging and ingest and Adobe SpeedGrade for color grading and finishing.

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Vibrant Vignette Presets for Sapphire

My Vibrant Vignette Presets for Sapphire were released this week. This collection features a weird and wonderful collection of vignettes in an attempt to prove that vignettes don’t always need to be black and circular.

These vignettes which will give your footage extra atmosphere, extra mood, extra pop. Use them as they are or adapt them to fit your own designs.

These are free too all FX Central users. If you own Sapphire for any of the following hosts you can open the preset browser, login to FX Central and get working with them right away, on your own footage.

If you don’t own Sapphire you can find out more information and download a free trial here.

As Sun Goes Down clip
Azure Father clip
Black is Black clip
Blue Rondo clip
Bonded Circle clip
Burning Man clip
Cool Bright Spot clip
Dark Entries clip
Diagonal Accent clip
Golden Moment clip
Green Green Grass of Home clip
Heart of Gold clip
Purple Haze clip
Red Sky at Night clip
Sublime Concentration clip
Blackout Curtains clip
Blood Red Sky clip
Cinemapeture clip
Focus Spot clip
Inverted Subtraction clip
Loch Ness Mystery clip
Teal Accent clip
Tequila Sunrise clip
Dungeness Darkness clip
Cool Accent clip
Wild West Hero clip
Rose-tinted Spectacle clip
Warming Centre clip
Wedding Ring clip
White Heat clip