ADHD Symptoms Women

  • December 14, 2017
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The ADHD Symptoms women experience are often different from the typical symptoms that people think of when they hear the ADHD Acronym.
I just wanted to add to the post I wrote yesterday but feel that it warrants a whole new topic. I’ve been contacted by a few women privately who have said they may have concerns about having ADHD. So I wanted to outline some of the lesser-known symptoms that can be typical in ADHD.
Most girls are not hyperactive, in fact many girls with ADHD are more often day-dreamers, “air-heads”, they tend to zone out more. I was 50-50, I’d either be talking excessively, worrying or hyper-focussing on drawing or something like that.
For me the thing that has always haunted me is the anxiety and depp-rooted feeling that something was wrong. I sppent my whole life worrying about everything and as a result was under sonstant stress. As you can see from my typping another thing I have is dyslexia and dyspraxia. Ihave nervous ticks. I used to make involuntary noises as a child. I have OCD. I cannot stop biting my nails. Probably the most ebarrasing aspect – which I have never shared before, is my tricholomania. If you don’t know what it is, read about it here. It’s horrendous – that’s why my hair is always so short! All these often occur alongside ADHD. Incidentallu, his pargrap is what my writing wouldlook like without spellcheck.
I also find it very hard to read. When I do I rarely finish a book I’m clumsy, I procrastinate terribly, I underachive, I put obstacles in the way of success because extreme challenges are the only things that can really motivate me. I’m always rushing to get deadlines finished.
We all have bouts of these things – procrastination, worrying, stress etc. It’s when it’s a constant struggle in your daily life that you need to do something. If it affects your work, relationships and sense of self then you probably need help like I did.