Angie studied sculpture & drawing at art college and has since enjoyed a twenty-five year career as a designer and animator for film & TV.


Angie’s studio is between Brighton & Newhaven, on the south coast of England. She also works remotely with international companies so location is never an issue.


Angie has a home-based studio called Creative Cabin. Working at home keeps costs to a minimum and she passes the savings made onto her clients.

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  • It is much more than just a software manual, Angie Taylor seeks to stimulate the creative use of computer animation.

  • The cabin is like a secret place, far from the madding crowd, with wifi… Loved it!

  • Of all the After Effects books I looked at whilst trying to learn it, I found Angie’s was the most user friendly and creative.

  • In this comprehensive guide Angie has assembled a wealth of tips and exercises in topics such as drawing, composition and typography that will be required reading for all up-and-coming motion media artists.


  • One of my favorite demo artists in the industry. Her tutorials are always compelling, well-designed, and worthwhile.

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Paper Folding Animation

Paper Folding Animation

Approaches like this are really useful as they allow you to create footage and a quirky paper folding animation from very few source files. All I’ve used here are five images of these models – and one audio track. Here’s a three-part tutorial series that I’ve created at the Digital Arts website. Click on the links below to go to the Digital Arts website. Following these links is the movie showing the effect that you will create.